Anneke Scott (horns) & others

Bate Collection via Devine Music CCLCD8061

Anneke Scott - Horns at the Bate Collection

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with Joseph Walters (horns), Marcus Barcham-Stevens (violin), Robin Michael (cello), Frances Kelly (harp), Steven Devine (pianos) & James Gilchrist (tenor)

Featuring a magnificent selection of instruments from the Bate Collection, Oxford and played by one of the leading horn players of her generation, Anneke Scott, this anthology showcases the different sounds that were available to composers from the mid-18th century to the start of the 20th. Accompanied by instruments also of the period (including pianos from the Finchcocks Collection in Kent), a whole spectrum of colours are revealed in this wide-ranging disc.

Dampierre - Fanfares (1734)
Handel/anon - Forrest Harmony Duets(1733-34)
Haydn - Divertimento a tre
Mozart - Duos
Simrock - Theme and variations
Moscheles - Introduction et Rondo
Schubert - Auf dem Strom
Saint-Saƫns -Romance
Richard Strauss - Andante
Paul Dukas - Villanelle